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Lydia Floyd

SDNC CEO and Chief Consultant

Lydia Floyd is an accomplished nonprofit leader with extensive experience and expertise in various aspects of nonprofit management. As the Founder and CEO of Simple Data Nonprofit Consulting (SDNC), she leverages her knowledge and skills to support the success of other organizations. Lydia's proficiency in donor database management, board development, event planning, and accounting makes her a valuable asset for any nonprofit seeking to enhance its operations.

In addition to her role at SDNC, Lydia is also the Founder and CEO of Hands4Hope LA, a nonprofit organization. She serves as the treasurer of the board for the American Baptist Churches of LA, Southwest, and Hawaii. These roles demonstrate her commitment to the nonprofit sector and her involvement in fostering the growth and development of organizations.

With over twenty-three years of experience as an Executive Director, Lydia possesses a wealth of knowledge that she is eager to share with others. Whether someone is looking to start a nonprofit or improve an existing one, Lydia's expertise can provide valuable guidance and insights.

Lydia has a passion for mentoring and coaching other nonprofit leaders and church finance leaders, helping them enhance their skills and achieve their goals. Her experience and hands-on approach enable her to provide practical advice and support to individuals in these leadership roles.

Furthermore, Lydia actively contributes to the nonprofit community by hosting workshops and classes. These events allow her to share her expertise with others and provide them with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in the nonprofit sector. For instance, she has previously conducted workshops on Succession Planning for the LA County Native American Commission. Additionally, Lydia will be hosting an Effective Financial Management Workshop for Valley Nonprofit Resources in the upcoming fall season.

Lydia Floyd's dedication to assisting others in the nonprofit sector is evident through her work and active involvement in the community. Her extensive experience, combined with her commitment to helping organizations and individuals succeed, makes her a valuable resource for anyone seeking to improve their nonprofit operations or further develop their leadership skills.

A Word From Our Founder

"As an Executive Director of a small nonprofit for over twenty years with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a Masters in Organizational Leadership, I have learned the ins and outs of this business model and feel it is my purpose to help agencies realize their dream of making a difference in the world with the support to do so."

-Lydia Floyd

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