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SDNC Services Offered



One hour Coaching - Generic sessions (may include other ED’s) on topics such as:

  • Nonprofit Management, Financial Management (Budgeting), Event Planning, Board Development , Grant Writing, other topics upon request.



  • Includes specific sessions on topics listed above pertaining to your agency. 


One on One meetings

  • Scheduled to listen, observe or review any requested items or topics.


Provide direct support and hands-on task completion in any of the areas such as

  • Nonprofit Management, Accounting, Event Planning, Board Development, Donor Data Management, Human Resources, Grant Writing, other topics upon request

Membership Organization (beginning soon)


          Webinars, Workshops & 

          Speaking Engagements

          A variety of nonprofit related topics such as:

  • Nonprofit Management Basics

  • Effective Financial Management

  • Succession Planning

  • Other topics upon request.