Webinars, Workshops and Speaking engagements in a variety of nonprofit related topics such as Nonprofit Management Basics, Effective Financial Management, Succession Planning, others upon request. 

💠Webinars (pre-recorded) 

💠 Workshops 

💠Speaking engagements 


Coaching, Mentoring, One on One Meetings 

💠One hour Coaching generic sessions (may include other ED’s) on topics such as Nonprofit Management, Financial Management (Budgeting), Event Planning, Board Development , Grant Writing, others upon request.

💠 Mentoring includes specific sessions on topics listed above pertaining to your agency. 

💠One on One meetings would be scheduled to listen, observe or review any requested items or topics. 


Provide direct support and actual hands on task completion in any of the areas mentioned above and others upon request. 

💠Nonprofit Management, Accounting, Event Planning, Board Development, Donor Data Management, Human Resources, Grant Writing, others upon request.

💠Membership Organization (begins in 2021) 

 For a quote or questions please contact SDNC CEO, Lydia Floyd at  (818) 692-6600 or